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Restaurants Near Preston Train Station

8 months ago

Wondering where to find fast food near near me? Finishing off your train journey at Preston, or waiting for a train to your next destination? Looking for a bite to eat or a refreshing drink before embarking on your journey? There’s no need to wander far. Fishergate Shopping Centre offers the best restaurants near Preston, holding an array of dining options to satisfy your cravings and boost your energy. Here’s a curated list of lunch places in Preston, perfect for every commuter and traveller passing through Preston Train Station.

McDonald’s: The Quick and Classic Favourite

When you’re in a rush, nothing beats the familiarity and speed of a McDonald’s meal. Located conveniently in Fishergate Shopping Centre, it’s the perfect stop for a quick breakfast, lunch, or dinner. McDonald’s offers a recognisable menu, quick service, affordable prices, and a guarantee of a familiar and satisfying meal. Whether you’re craving a Big Mac, chicken nuggets, or just a coffee to perk you up, McDonald’s promises simplicity and speed.

Meiz Japanese Restaurant: A Taste of Japan in Preston

Do you have a bit more time to wait for your train or need something more fulfilling after a long journey? Discover amazing Japanese food at Meiz Japanese Restaurant. With Authentic dishes prepared by experienced chefs, you’re sure to find something you love. From sushi rolls to tempura, the rich flavours promise a mini escape to Japan. A gourmet experience, wide variety of dishes, and a cosy ambience to relax before or after a train journey.

Moka: A Delightful Café Retreat

For those looking for a cosy corner to relax with a book or catch up on emails, Moka is a quant café and restaurant in Fishergate Shopping Centre. Known for its coffees, teas, and amazing menu, it’s a favourite spot for many. This café has a relaxing atmosphere, and a variety of food to choose from which includes full English breakfasts, sandwiches, soups and even kebabs and curries. The warm ambience makes it a perfect place to unwind.

Starbucks: Your Trusted Coffee Fix

Starbucks needs no introduction. For many, it’s synonymous with a reliable coffee fix. Consistency in flavour, a variety of coffee and tea options, and a range of snacks and treats to accompany your beverage. Whether you’re a fan of their signature Frappuccinos, lattes, or just a classic Americano, Starbucks at Fishergate ensures you start or end your journey right.

Sushi Tasty: Fresh Sushi Delights

If you’re in the mood for sushi look no further than Sushi Tasty. Serving up a delicious variety of fresh sushi options, this spot in Fishergate Shopping Centre ensures quality with every bite. The menu boasts options for vegetarians and also features bento boxes, ramen, katsu, dim sum, and plenty of other street food options!

Where is Preston near?

Preston is approximately 27 miles (43 km) north west of Manchester, 26 miles (42 km) north east of Liverpool, and 15 miles (24 km) east of the coastal town Blackpool.

Choose Fishergate Shopping Centre

Next time you’re at Preston Train Station, take a few steps to Fishergate Shopping Centre and enjoy the culinary experiences it offers. Whether you have a few minutes or a couple of hours, there’s a place for everyone to enjoy amazing food or drinks. Safe travels and happy dining!

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