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6 New Year’s resolutions you should follow

5 months ago

As we step into the post-New Year period, the air is filled with aspirations for personal and professional growth. Setting resolutions is easy, but achieving them requires determination. In this blog post, let’s explore 6 New Year’s resolutions everyone should be following, effective goal-setting techniques and practical tips to help you turn your aspirations into accomplishments.

Look after the environment by getting the train to work: Kickstart your goal of getting more exercise by making a simple change to your daily routine. Consider parking your car in our car park and opting for the train to work. This not only introduces physical activity into your day but also contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle. Find more information about low cost parking in Preston here.

Look after your body and opt for decaf: For those aiming to drink less coffee, why not try your favourite drink but decaf at Starbucks in Fishergate Shopping Centre. Their amazing decaffeinated coffee options will allow you to enjoy your favourite beverage without the caffeine jitters.

Eat healthier, high quality wholesome food: Satisfy your goal of eating healthier by exploring the nutritious realm of sushi. Meiz Restaurant, located across from Preston train station, offers an amazing array of healthy options. Take advantage of their 50% off lunchtime menu from Monday to Friday.

Invest in high quality wardrobe staples: Invest in a more sustainable wardrobe by checking out Roman for high-quality women’s jumpers, dresses, and tops. Men can explore Designer Menswear for high-quality suits, jeans, shirts, and jackets. Make a conscious choice to support quality over quantity. Avoid having to pay twice by investing in high-quality outfits to see you through years of wear.

Get moving more: If your resolution involves getting out more and walking, treat yourself to new trainers or boots from Shoe Zone in Fishergate Shopping Centre. Their huge selection includes wellies, trainers, boots, and more to suit walking in whatever weather Lancashire throws at you.

Support sustainable brands: Fulfill your eco-friendly goal by shopping second-hand at Shelter. Whether it’s clothing or furniture, every purchase contributes to a great cause, helping you look after the homeless community while enjoying unique and budget-friendly finds.

In 2024, let’s turn resolutions into achievements with practical and achievable steps. Remember, small changes can lead to big results. Here’s to a year of growth, fulfilment, and success!

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