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World Cocktail Day: Mixing Drinks is Practically Aerobics, Right?

1 week ago

May 13th, my friends, is a glorious day in the calendar. No, not because it’s your Uncle Nigel’s birthday (although happy birthday, Uncle Nigel, if you’re reading this). It’s World Cocktail Day! A chance to celebrate the delicious, the delightful, the slightly-stronger-than-tea concoctions that make life a little more… interesting.

Now, before you picture yourself in a fancy bar, shaking a martini with the grace of a professional bartender (spoiler alert: it’ll look more like a toddler with a paintbrush), let’s be honest. World Cocktail Day is about celebrating at home, in your comfy PJs (because who needs an outfit when you’ve got a fabulous cocktail?), with tunes blasting and friends who are equally enthusiastic about questionable mixing ratios.

Here’s how to celebrate World Cocktail Day like a champion:

  1. Channel your inner interior designer. Poundland has balloons and party decorations so cheap, you’ll have enough leftover for another round (don’t judge). TK Maxx has table cloths that’ll make even a plastic cup feel fancy, and TJ Hughes has cocktail glasses and garden furniture at prices that won’t make you cry into your margarita.
  2. Dress to impress… yourself. Because let’s face it, the only person judging your outfit is probably your cat. So, grab a new dress (or summery crop top, no judgement) from Strawberry Moon to feel like the cocktail connoisseur you are.
  3. Master the “shake like you don’t care” technique. Who needs fancy bar tools? Your average kitchen implement will do just fine. Just remember, the more enthusiastic the shaking, the better the cocktail… probably.
  4. Embrace the chaos. Spills happen. Glasses might break (hopefully not your new ones from TJ Hughes!). Just laugh it off, blame it on the “aerobic” nature of cocktail making, and pour yourself another round.

The only thing missing is the sunshine. But hey, that’s what makes a British summer cocktail party all the more special, right? So grab your friends, raid Fishergate Shopping Centre for all your party essentials, and get shaking! Because on World Cocktail Day, the only thing stronger than the drinks is the bond of questionable mixing skills and questionable fashion choices. Cheers!

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