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5 things your Dad actually wants on Fathers Day

2 weeks ago

Because Dads Deserve More Than Socks (Again)

Fathers Day is on Sunday, 16th June, folks. The sun’s (maybe) starting to peek out, the birds are (probably) chirping a bit louder, and Father’s Day is looming. Panic sets in – what do you get the old fella? Fear not, sons and daughters of Preston, for I come bearing hilarious (and slightly helpful) gift ideas that won’t have him listing your presents on Vinted next week.

First things first: ditch the socks. Yes, they’re a classic, but unless your dad’s a champion sock collector with a particular penchant for novelty patterns, give it a rest.

Kit Him Out Like a Legend (Even if He Plays Like a Pigeon)

Is your dad a die-hard football fan? Does he spend more time arguing with the ref on the telly than he does talking to you? Head down to Fishergate Shopping Centre and grab him a brand new shirt from Sports Direct. Just be warned, choosing the right colours could be a warzone, so maybe tread carefully.

Denim Dreams (Because Jeans Never Go Out of Style – Unlike Dad Jokes)

For the dad who rocks a more casual look, a fresh pair of jeans from TJ Hughes could be just the ticket. Plus, a little retail therapy might distract him from asking you for the umpteenth time why you haven’t gotten yourself a “proper job” yet.

Time for a Change (Hopefully He Doesn’t Think It Means You Want Him to Grow Up)

Does your dad’s watch look like it survived the Blitz? The Watch Shop is your new best friend. You never know what treasures you might unearth – a snazzy chronograph for the tech-savvy dad, or a classic leather strap for the more traditional gent. Just remember, there’s a fine line between vintage and “lost the receipt in ’98”.

Dress Him Up for a Special Occasion (Because Dads Can Be Dapper Too!)

Maybe your dad’s got a fancy do coming up – a wedding, a work dinner, or even a night at the bingo with the lads. Swing by Officers Club and find him a top for the special occasion. Whether it’s a crisp button-down or a funky polo shirt, there’s bound to be something that’ll make him look (and feel) like a million quid.

Sniffing Out a Bargain (Because Who Doesn’t Love a Discount?)

The Fragrance Shop at Fishergate is now an outlet, which means – wait for it – bargains! Treat your dad to a new aftershave that won’t smell like something your grandad wore in the war. Just maybe avoid anything too “sporty” – those usually smell like locker rooms and disappointment.

The Most Important Ingredient: Love (But Wrapping Paper Helps Too)

Remember, the best gift is often the thought that goes behind it. Pop down to Fishergate Shopping Centre, grab a pressie (or two!), wrap it up with some funny Father’s Day paper, and most importantly, spend some quality time with the old man. He might even crack a smile (or at least groan at your terrible jokes). Happy Father’s Day!

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