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Automatic Number Plate Recognition ‘Cashless Payment’ equipment.

Fishergate Shopping Centre car park operates with state-of -the-art Automatic Number Plate Recognition ‘Cashless Payment’ equipment (without enforcement and penalty fines). Please ensure you know your number plate registration before attempting to pay your parking fee at the paystation as you leave.

We have adopted a cashless payment system that relies on card (Debit and Credit), smartphone and an App for payment. There are several options to make payment although the system will not accept a cash alternative.

One of the reasons for adopting cashless payment is the ongoing trend towards a cashless society. However, the greater aim is our ambition to pursue a more sustainable environment for the car park by adopting a simpler operation that delivers a smaller carbon footprint by requiring less energy usage, fewer manufactured components, and less maintenance visits.

Payment can be made when ready to leave at a paystation by contactless transaction (wave and pay) or chip & pin, or the Glide App if shoppers prefer not to use a paystation.

Added Value benefits

There is 30mins free parking for Click & Collect- you DO NOT need to go to a paystation, please drive straight to exit.

Car park tariffs are competitive and season ticket parking is available on request. Please contact Centre Management for further details.

We offer ‘free to use’ electric vehicle charging points.

Mobility and Parent & Child bays.

Car Park will operate 24/7. However, there are alternative car parks within the city centre that cater for long stay parking.