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Fix Your Windscreen While You Shop

5 months ago

With busy streets and crowded shops, the last thing you need is a chipped windscreen adding to the commotion. But fear not, Optic-Kleer is here to rescue your visibility and your peace of mind!

For a limited time only, find them conveniently located in the Fishergate car park, offering a quick and hassle-free way to deal with those pesky chips. No bookings needed – just swing by and let their expert technicians work their magic while you get on with your errands. In just 20 minutes, they’ll leave you with a crystal-clear view and one less worry on your to-do list.

Still putting off that repair? Here’s why you shouldn’t:

  • Compromised Visibility: Cracked windscreens can distort your vision, making it dangerous to navigate busy roads. Don’t let a chip turn into a blurry mess!
  • Weakened Structure: Your windscreen plays a key role in keeping you safe during an accident. A crack weakens its integrity, putting you and your passengers at risk.
  • Legal Trouble: Driving with a damaged windscreen can land you a fine, so stay on the right side of the law and avoid unnecessary hassle.

Getting your windscreen fixed promptly is not just about aesthetics, it’s about your safety and preventing further damage down the line. So, if you’ve been spotting chips, don’t delay any longer!

It’s Easy as…

  1. Pull into the Optic-Kleer station in the Fishergate car park.
  2. Expert technicians will take care of your windscreen while you busy yourself.
  3. Enjoy multitasking at its finest – clear windscreen, clear conscience, and ticked-off to-do list!

As you navigate the bustling Fishergate Shopping Centre, remember Optic-Kleer isn’t just fixing windscreens, they’re ensuring your shopping trip is smooth and stress-free. With a clear view and a clear mind, you can truly embrace the joy of life.

Optic-Kleer are at Fishergate Car Park until 18th February 2024.

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