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It’s Euros Time! Sports Direct’s AMAZING Deals

1 month ago

Calling all football fanatics! The Euros are here, and let’s face it, you need to pimp your patriotism. Luckily, Sports Direct at Fishergate Shopping Centre has deals so hot, they’ll make Harry Kane jealous of your game swag.

First up, the official Euros football. It’s gone from sitting at £34.99 to a steal at £27.99. That’s like, a whole extra pint on matchday!

And speaking of matchday, you can’t exactly stroll down the street screaming “It’s Coming Home!” without the proper accessories. Fear not, fellow football fan! The England car flag is a steal at 99p. That’s basically the price of a stale bag of crisps at the stadium (if you’re lucky), so there’s no excuse not to be waving your colours.

Looking to fully kit yourself out like a die-hard supporter? The England supporter set has gone from a hefty £19.99 to a bargain at £9.99. We’re talking bunting, a house flag, beer mats (because, priorities!), bang sticks (don’t forget to social distance your cheering!), a window poster, and even a wall planner to mark down all those England wins.

Feeling like a two-for-one kind of day? Sports Direct’s got your back (or should we say, goalpost?) with mixed design footballs at a steal – two for just £30! Perfect for when you inevitably end up having a kickabout in the park after the pub.

But wait, there’s more! There’s a whopping 70% off selected items too. So you could be walking out with an England shirt (home or away, while stocks last, obvs), a scarf to keep you warm during those nail-biting penalty shootouts, a rucksack for all your essential matchday supplies, a lunch bag to store your questionable stadium food, a Euros trivia game to test your mates (and maybe avoid that awkward silence after England inevitably loses), or even some stadium construction toys to channel your inner architect while simultaneously drowning your sorrows – we’re not judging.

So what are you waiting for? Get down to Sports Direct at Fishergate Shopping Centre before these deals disappear faster than Maguire after a dodgy tackle! Remember, it’s not just about the Euros, it’s about looking good while you watch them. Now go forth and conquer… the snack bar queue, at least.

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