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Limited Edition D&G Medicine Man Watch Back in Stock

3 months ago

Attention watch collectors! The hunt for the rare Dolce & Gabbana Medicine Man watch is over. The Watch Shop at Fishergate Shopping Centre has several of these highly sought-after, discontinued timepieces back in stock.

This is your chance to own a piece of watchmaking history. The Medicine Man, also known as the Test Card Watch due to its unique dial design, is no longer in production and finding one in good condition can be a challenge. The Watch Shop has meticulously refurbished multiple of these pre-owned watches, ensuring they’re in excellent working order. You may find some minor cosmetic signs of wear, but the powers of refurbishment have brought them back to a much higher quality than those sold on the likes of Ebay.

The Medicine Man comes in two variations to suit your taste: a sleek silver metal strap or a classic black leather strap. Both options showcase the watch’s iconic Test Card design (DW0197) that’s guaranteed to be a conversation starter.

Beyond the captivating dial, the Medicine Man has numeral hour markers for easy timekeeping and chunky side buttons for activating the backlight. This watch is a perfect blend of style and functionality.

Whether you’re a watch collector seeking a rare gem or simply looking for a unique and conversation-starting timepiece, the Medicine Man is an exceptional choice. It also makes a fantastic gift for someone who appreciates bold design and Italian craftsmanship.

Don’t Miss Out on This Rare Opportunity!

These pre-owned and refurbished Medicine Man watches won’t last long. Visit The Watch Shop at Fishergate Shopping Centre today or contact them to inquire about availability. They even have spare parts available for those who might already own a Medicine Man and want to restore it to its former glory.

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