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We are now a Parkmark Accredited Car Park

3 years ago

In the bustling heart of Preston, the Fishergate Car Park, who offer long stay parking at Preston train station has not only emerged as a convenient parking solution but has now achieved the prestigious Parkmark Accreditation, reinforcing its commitment to safety, security, and excellence in service. With competitive rates and a range of options, Fishergate Car Park is setting a new standard for parking in the city.

Parkmark Accreditation: A Seal of Trust and Safety: The recent Parkmark Accreditation is a testament to Fishergate Car Park’s dedication to providing a secure and reliable parking experience. Awarded by the British Parking Association, this accreditation ensures that the car park meets rigorous standards for safety and security, offering visitors peace of mind as they park their vehicles.

Competitive Rates to Suit Every Need: Fishergate Car Park understands the diverse parking needs of its patrons and offers competitive rates to accommodate various preferences. For short-term parking, a mere £2 grants you 2 hours of secure parking. If you’re planning a longer stay, the option of 24-hour parking is available at an affordable rate of £8.50, making it an excellent choice for both commuters and visitors.

Season Parking for Ultimate Convenience: For those seeking a long-term parking solution, Fishergate Car Park provides a convenient Season Parking option. Priced at £850 per year, with flexible monthly and quarterly plans available, this option is tailored to cater to the needs of regular visitors, commuters, and workers in the town centre. Enjoy the convenience of a dedicated parking space without the hassle of daily payments.

Cashless Payments for Seamless Transactions: In keeping with modern trends and the need for contactless transactions, Fishergate Car Park operates exclusively with Cashless Payments. This ensures a seamless and efficient parking experience, allowing patrons to pay without the need for physical currency. It’s a step towards a more convenient and technologically advanced parking solution.

Ideal for Commuters and Students: Fishergate Car Park’s strategic location makes it an ideal choice for commuters using Preston Railway Station. The proximity ensures a quick and easy transition from car to train, making the daily commute more efficient. Additionally, for students attending UCLAN or Preston College, the car park offers a secure and accessible location for their vehicles.

Perfect for Town Centre Workers: Workers in the town centre can also benefit from Fishergate Car Park’s offerings. With its competitive rates and secure facilities, it provides a hassle-free solution for those employed in the heart of Preston. Avoid the stress of finding parking every day and opt for the convenience of Fishergate Car Park.

Visit Fishergate Car Park Today: Whether you’re a commuter, a student, or a town centre worker, Fishergate Car Park welcomes you with open arms. Experience the security of a Parkmark Accredited facility, coupled with competitive rates and convenient payment options. Park with confidence, knowing that your vehicle is in safe hands at Fishergate Car Park.

Secure, Convenient, and Affordable: Fishergate Car Park stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of parking solutions. With its Parkmark Accreditation, competitive rates, and commitment to modern convenience, it provides a secure haven for all your parking needs. Visit Fishergate Car Park today and discover a new standard in safe, accessible, and affordable parking in Preston’s city centre.

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