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Poundland’s latest offers on grab & go lunches

4 weeks ago

Tired of seeing the price of your lunch creep ever higher? Ditch those expensive meal deals and head down to Poundland in Fishergate Shopping Centre for amazing, budget-friendly lunches you can grab and go!

Poundland offers everything you need for a satisfying and affordable lunch, all at really low prices! From sandwiches and salads to pasta pots and snacks, you’ll find a variety of delicious options to suit your taste.

Thirsty? No problem! Poundland has a wide selection of drinks, from Coke, Monster Energy Drinks, Fanta, Vimto and tons more, all at a fraction of the price you’d pay elsewhere.

Here’s what you can expect at Poundland:

  • Sandwiches: Choose from a variety of classic fillings. They even have vegetarian options available!
  • Salads: Opt for a healthy and refreshing salad with a selection of meats and flavours to choose from.
  • Pasta pots: Warm yourself up with a delicious and convenient pasta pot, available in various flavours.
  • Snacks: Stock up on your favourite crisps, chocolate, nuts, and fruit to keep you going throughout the day.
  • Drinks: Stay hydrated with a wide selection of beverages to quench your thirst.

Why spend more than you have to? Swap your overpriced meal deal for a delicious and affordable lunch from Poundland in Fishergate Shopping Centre. Your wallet will thank you!

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