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A Day In The Life Of... The Personal Shopper

Struggling to find the perfect outfit for a special occasion, or simply in need of some wardrobe inspiration? If so, then why not visit the Debenhams Personal Shop Department. You'll find three fabulous and fully trained Personal Shoppers ready to help with that clothing quandry- and regional expert Jenny has given us an insight into her day!

"What to wear, what to wear?" 

That's how my day starts- and that's before I even get to work! It's the only thing that I can count on as every day as a Personal Shopper is so different, and I never know what the diary is going to give me! 

At 9am you'll find me readying myself and the suite for the day ahead, switching on the coffee machine, checking emails and the online diary. Appointments are made by the client with a brief decription of what they are looking for and where they may be going- sometimes the info given can be vague, and other times we may have specifics such as any worries or body hang ups that may be troubling to a person. The most common statement is 'I've lost my way', which is something that everyone can relate to, and that is why we are here! 

9:30am brings my first appointment- today it's Paula, a regular that I have been seeing for over ten years and today she isn't feeling comfortable or body confident. A strong coffee and a good chat from me soon sets her up with the realisation that she hasn't put on weight, she's just feeling a little fed up. 90 minutes late she's on her way home with a big shopping bag filled with new clothes and an even bigger smile! Paula hadn't gained weight, she was just having one of those days, but she did gain a spring in her step; Happy Customer = Happy Personal Shopper!

Now it's time for a quick coffee and piece of cake, sugar and caffeine are the basic staples of a Personal Shopper's diet! 

12pm has soon arrived and now it's time for Rachel & Nathan (we cater for couples to which is great fun if your other half isn't a shopping fan!) two of my favourite customers! They're a fab couple who love to shop together, and today they arrive looking fantastic after a post Christmas diet & exercise plan, ready for new clothes to show off that hard work. After much giggling from Rachel and strutting from Nathan they leave the store laden with new season styles!

Phew... Now it's time for some lunch! 

We have no diary bookings this afternoon, but that doesn't mean it's time to stop! After a quick admin catch up I have a 'walk in'- a lovely lady who tells me that she has lost her way with clothes, and at 50+ is anxious about being too 'fashion' and doesn't want to fall into the 'mutton' effect. 

After a great 15 minute consultation I gain information about her lifestyle and what she is looking for in a wardrobe update- I also reassure her that we do not work on comission so that she can be confident that whatever is brought to her is because it fits into her style profile. The best way to approach a new client is to treat the experience as a fun trying on session to gain confidence and find out which of the current trends are best suited to the person. 

The culottes are a great sucess and something a little out of her comfort zone without being uncomfortable- they also bring her up to date and after adding in a few new tops and a fabulous biker style jacket her update is complete. Hopefully this client will be back, and maybe even spread the wordabout Personal Shop when her friends see the fab new look! 

Gosh, now it's 5pm, time to put all of the stock away (yes, we do that too!) and clear the decks ready for another busy day tomorrow. 

Days like this are why I love my job so much. 

*To book your appointment with Jenny, Bella or Jan please call 01772 208332, book online at or visit the store.* 



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